Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the deceptive cloud.

tree into tree into tree.
a confusing breeze.
answer me.
show me, see.
love, flee; lie
to the breeze.
trees into tree into tree
a heartbroken breeze.
spring in winter,
answers plain.
love, a lie.
crows can't sing.
trunk on trunk on the ground.
find another,
make a sound.
love, not real
said aloud.
the sun can't love,
the decepticve cloud.

Monday, November 27, 2006


~I wrote this a while ago... it doesn't mean anything to me now. I composed a tune for it... i'll record that and post it in a little while... just trying to get the blog up and running now. The winter seems to be getting to me. I love it.

She came to me like a strong spring breeze
Said, "I got you!” "before you got me!"
I laid there still, shot to the ground.
kinda happy, but wearing a frown
i didn't know what to do...
it was kinda a like a dreamsong!

crazy streams running to sea,
crazy streams, running over me
funny feelings through my brain,
funny feelings and you refrain
it happened once, didn't happen again
cause its kinda like a dream song!

Sold me short for your day in the sun,
I played the game, but you won!
I recall the words, but forgot the tune,
Spring lost and Autumn was you!
What of me? The dreamer the fool!
Cause i've been lost in a dreamsong!
Lost, in your lie of a dreamsong…

Friday, November 24, 2006

Streets of Tears...

Out on the streets paved with tears
Reflective sun gods shamed
It doesn’t make you slip or cry; just fall in love;
Where the tears slide down and become what they should…
A tear stained smile.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Around 5 O'clock in the morning, can't sleep or is that i just really don't want to. Sleep, what is it? Sleep is the time we spend away from everyone else, its the time we waste that we really couldv'e spent living. The only thing about sleep that redeems it of this evil part of it are the dreams that we dream when consuming it. I was never really a big fan of sleeping, it just never really made sense, its just an awfully good way of culling time. Why would someone really want to do that? I mean, I personally hold nothing more sacred than time. I always felt like if i go to sleep I'll be missing out on life. I don't know how differenct people look at it, but i just love life, no existential dillema, no remorse for being. People tend to think of themselves to be bigger than life, in a way its a castle they fashion that is conducive to the attitude of: "Hey man i just don't care, i'm too cool for this shit." -I... I'm just glad to be alive. Extremely grateful, not too anyone or anything mind you, just in the sense of a 'feeling', plain and simple graditude.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Sun Staring Right Back At Me...

I can feel the blindness coming on
Here I stand to sing my song
The day will soon be gone
I’ve been staring at the sun too long
Icar [ian] dreams and waxen awakenings
I still stand here and I can’t see
Will the sun ever stare back at me?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Crows cried Murder!

The Sun has set the day is done,
No more lies he cried, no more lies she lied.
You sold me short for your day in the sun...
I don't can't understand i live on your lie.
cold blood the crows cried murder,
i still lie here and wonder why.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The tragedy of autumn, or spring really is that, spring can never blow autumn's leaves away. It takes a cold winter or warm summer breeze to do that. Spring is calm, in love. Spring will eventually turn to summer, feeling like a fool and summer and winter will be closer to autumn than spring will ever be. Spring can change to Summer... but summer doesn't love spring... not really atleast.